Nutcracker Ballet

Please comment and like an whatnot 🙂 really trying to get this popular 🙂 Thanks so much who the people who have supported me..

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In between me running on and off stage I captured some pics. Here are a few good ones 🙂





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Nutcracker Ballet this weekend

Well I have been super busy with Nutcracker Reharsal and it is crazy. Havent had anytime for blgos. Well yes, this is HELL WEEK what we ballerinas call the week before a big show. It is a big deal and I am very excitedddddddddd!!!!!!!!!! haha

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Some of My Modeling :)







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These are some of the edited pictures. I will post the not edited ones tonight. She is so beutiful. These I took with her Canon Rebel (my dream camera!)

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I had a Really fun Time with Maddy 🙂 she is so pretty and of course this is with a little digital camera so the quality isnt great. More soon to come

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One thing I forgot

I forgot to mention That I love modeling 🙂 I love being infront of the camera as well. So dont be surprised when You see a bunch of Pictures of Myself too 🙂 because, hey my friends are good people and they want me to have a turn modeling as well 🙂

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